JV With Lance Hood

"Looking for a Joint Venture Partner who is easy to work with and committed to YOUR Long-term Success?  

Since 2012 Lance has been producing online events as a way for businesses to easily reach tens to hundreds of thousands of people.

What Are People Saying?

Working with Lance has been absolutely amazing. This guy is a man of integrity, he always goes above and beyond what you ask him for, he says things and he does what he says.

Lance is a guy I highly recommend, I'm not getting paid to do this. I am doing this because he has really delivered everything he said he was going to deliver to me and my business and it has been an absolute joy to work with him.

He has been absolutely incredible in conecting me with some people that have helped me with my business... Thank you Lance and I give him my thumbs up.

Johnnie Hernandez Former Executive for Best Buy Retail Stores in the US

As a former executive with 28 years at Best Buy corporation I have always been a firm believer that in order to achieve world class results that you must surround yourself with world class leaders. 

I have built two highly successful organizations since departing the Fortune 50 retailer and give much of that credit to Lance Hood. If you are serious about starting, growing or sustaining a first-rate organization I would strongly encourage you to reach out to Lance. His passion, commitment and tenacity in supporting your organization is infectious, you will be glad you did.

"Thank You for spending hours on end with me in my business... and for being my friend."

— Les Brown, World Renowned Motivational Speaker

"Lance's email copywriting, split-testing and guidance was essential to helping my first product launch bring in over 1.3 million dollars"

— Ted McGrath, Speaker and Founder of Ted McGrath Brands

"In Lance I found a genuine person who delivers above and beyond. Most of all I like to call him my friend." — David Goodman, Concert Promoter"

"Lance is committed to his partners success and he does what he says he's going to do"

— Dr. Andy Fuehl, Best-Selling Author Wealth Without a Job

"Here I am a Guru in the area of small business and I can't believe all the stuff I learned from Lance Hood."

– Ed King, Former Director of Small Business for Wayne State University

“After talking with Lance only once, I have been able to follow my dreams which I am now living.”

— Jacquie Blaze, TV Personality

What Does Lance Do?

Here is everything in a nutshell:

PAST PROJECTS - Created an online newsletter and took it from concept to 5 million dollars in gross sales in just over 3 years’ time. During that time, he designed sign up pages with over 80% subscription rates and built email lists totaling over 425,000 active subscribers. One of those email subscription pages has been recognized as one of the top converting web pages out of over 40,000 marketers.

ARC PROFESSIONALS - ARC stands for Applied Research and Collaboration. ARC is a business research and consulting think tank where businesses come together to connect, collaborate, innovate and implement. ARC's is driven to create the most effective environment for business collaboration and growth.

BETTER BUSINESSES – Is a series of events designed to research and reward exceptionable companies while seeking understand how to increase the effectiveness and speed of commerce around the world.

Lance's specialties include:

  • Producing online interview based events
  • Creating business conections, partnerships and strategic alliances
  • Email marketing and list management
  • Business, customer and market research
  • Managing split-testing and optimization
  • Copywriting and conversion assistance

Why Work with Lance Hood?

Rich German: 

I would say beyond a shadow of a doubt if you are looking to create a great joint venture relationship I can't speak highly enough about Lance Hood. 

He's connected, he knows tons of people and he's a fountain of information, but beyond that the integrity that he has is what's most important to me. 

He is looking for a long term relationship. This is a guy that is commited to your success.

Beth Grant:  

Lance has helped me so much with my marketing. He has helped me see the ethical way to market on the internet.

If you are considering working with Lance I highly encourage you to go for it.

He is so knowledgeable about internet marketing, he is creative and he wants do things in the right way.

Ridgely Goldsborough: 

I just want to say this flat out, I don't know a better connector than Lance Hood. He's the best. He is so willing to help out, pick up his phone, send a text, do an email, follow up, whatever it takes to help you be successful.

Lance thanks for everything you have done for me, my companies, our launches, and everything we do.

Lance Hood is a great connector, a fantastic individual and you will only be served by using him in a really big way.

Some of the hundreds of speakers, consultants and advice based professionals that Lance has worked with through his many events

John Assaraf T. Harv Eker Les Brown Jack Canfield Janet Attwood Mark Victor Hansen Joe Vitale Hale Dwoskin Dr. Andy Fuehl Dr. Robert Anthony Harrison Klein Dr. John Demartini Chris Howard Dan Sullivan Lisa Jimenez Loral Langemeier Dr. Joe Rubino Cynthia Kersey Bill Bartmann Chris Widener Stephanie Frank George Antone Bob Scheinfeld Bill Harris Christine Comaford  

Melanie Benson Strick Robert Shemin Dr. Alex Loyd Kevin Hogan Alex Mandossian Daven Michaels Jon Goldman Steve Little Noah St John Mind Movies Dr. Dallas Humble Brad Yates Sandy Grason Dan Robey Iain Legg Jerry Clark Larry Crane Connie Podesta DC Cordova Bob Doyle Mark Maupin Ed King Charrissa Cawley David Wolfe Jeff Vacek  

Dan Lier Darius Barazandeh Ridgely Goldsborough Richard Parker Ron White Matt Morris Marshall Goldsmith Kirk Nugent Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst Judith and Jim Garrett Gunderson Jeff Smith Burt Goldman Natalie Ledwell Dustin Matthews Elizabeth Grant William Patterson Matthias Schmeltz Steve G Jones Barbara Winters Rich German Anthony Chara Jeffery Combs Jim Britt And more..


"He has coached me personally... He can teach you how to go from nobody to somebody in no time...." 

- George Antone, National Speaker and Author in Finance & Real Estate

"He knows how to make big things happen and how to get big names to work with You."

— Kisten Howe, Teleseminar Host

Lance was my mentor in helping me develop one of the largest and successful telesummit's" – Darius Barazandeh, Founder of YouWealthRevolution